On-Demand 12-Session Hypnosis Course

Foundations of Clinical Hypnosis:
A Practical Guide to Improving Treatment Outcomes

with Dr. Michael D. Yapko

For the first time ever, Michael has created a 12-Session Training Course that is recorded and available on demand from Psychotherapy Networker.

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Now you can join Michael D. Yapko, PhD, best-selling author of Trancework and Mindfulness and Hypnosis and one of the world’s most renowned clinical psychologists utilizing hypnosis, for his in-depth online course that will give you the foundational concepts and approaches you need to start using clinical hypnosis in your practice right away.

It provides clinicans with the foundation for integrating hypnosis into their practice.

Psychotherapy Networker is offering this course as part of their mission to continually provide valuable trainings to clinicians.


This course is for you if
you’re a clinician who:


  • is curious about hypnosis
  • has wondered how to integrate it into your practice
  • has had previous trainings but wants more
  • has experience but wants a refresher
  • Or…maybe you’re a previous student of Michael’s and you miss his trainings, perspectives, experience and knowledge. Get this on-demand course and you can watch it over and over again.


The Evidence is Clear!

When integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan, clinical hypnosis can help clients:

  • Change their perception of pain and distress
  • Improve self-regulation and the ability to tolerate difficult experiences
  • Let go of unhelpful beliefs while developing new perspectives
  • Activate goal-oriented behavior and break through stuck points



Course Outline

In this session-by-session outline you can see the varied topics that Michael has chosen to address in this 12-session on-demand recorded course.

He gave considerable and thoughtful consideration to structuring this course in a way that allows each session to build upon itself.

Discover why there is value in adding hypnosis to your treatments regardless of the model or theoretical orientation that characterizes your work.

Session 1

Foundations of Clinical Hypnosis: What You Focus On, You Amplify

  • Core principles of hypnosis
  • Common misconceptions
  • Models of hypnosis: Different views offer different possibilies

Session 2

The Neuroscience of Hypnosis

  • How the mind can fool the brain, and how this can help in therapy
  • Mind-body healing: Using hypnosis to transform the body’s responses
  • Using language to shape our clien’ts perception of their emotions

Session 3

Factors that Influence Hypnotic Responsiveness

  • How to tell whether a client is a good candidate for hypnosis
  • How to assess for hynotizablility
  • The role of the therapeutic relationship in hypnosis

Session 4

Preparing for the Hypnosis Session

  • How to structure sessions from start to finish
  • Preparing your clients for a hypnosis session
  • Structures and styles of suggestion: What you need to know before using this powerful intervention
  • How to safely build therapeutic suggestions to help your clients achieve their goals

Session 5

Focusing Techniques

  • What to expect: Changes in subjective experience in hypnosis
  • Techniques for focusing your client’s attention
  • Techniques for intensifying focus

Session 6

How to Be Hypnotic

  • What’s different about being a therapist doing hypnosis?
  • Tips for being hypnotic
  • Easy-to-follow conversation strategies for inducing hypnosis
  • Creating natural transitions into hypnosis
  • How to use your client’s experiences, perceptions, and symptoms to spark change with hypnosis

Session 7

Creating the Hypnotic Experience

  • The building blocks of hypnotic experience
  • Working with memory and the past using age regression
  • The safe and effective way to use suggestion
  • How to avoid inducing false memories unintentionally

Session 8

Developing Client Resources with Hypnosis

  • How hypnosis can help expand your client’s range of skills
  • Strategies for increasing cognitive and behavioral flexibility
  • How to create positive change and build on success
  • Using language, stories, and metaphors as a therapeutic tool


Session 9

Working Towards a Better Future

  • Building expectancy using hypnosis: How to help your clients feel hopeful again
  • How to use focus to change the future
  • Helping your client make better decisions
  • How post-hypnotic suggestion can help treatment gains stick


Session 10

Hypnosis in the treatment of anxiety and depression

  • Techniques for using hypnosis to treat anxiety
  • Techniques for using hypnosis to treat depression
  • How hypnosis can help clients recognize and tolerate ambiguity

Session 11

Hypnosis in the management of pain

  • Hypnosis in pain management: Perhaps the most empirically supported application
  • Hypnosis as a vehicle of sensory alteration: Shifting bodily perceptions
  • Strategies of pain management with hypnosis: Common factors for providing relief

Session 12

Integrating hypnosis into clinical practice

  • Using hypnosis with children and adolescents
  • How to anticipate and respond to unexpected responses
  • Enhancing hypnotic aspects of your non-hypnotic methods

Continuing Education

CE credit and certificates are offered through Psychotherapy Networker (NOT Dr. Yapko).

This self-study activity qualifies for 13.0 continuing education clock hours as required by many national, state and local licensing boards and professional organizations. Save your activity advertisement and certificate of completion, and contact your own board or organization for specific requirements.

This course is approved by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) for 13 hours of introductory level education credit toward their membership and certification process. Visit ASCH.net for details regarding membership/certification.

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Course Fee

Psychotherapy Networker has established an introductory price for this Online On-Demand Recorded Course of US $199.99.

Psychotherapy Networker may change this price at any time. Please click the ‘register now’ links on this page to be connected to current information.

For those who register during the introductory offer there will be a live Q & A session with Michael that you can participate in for free.


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