Diane Yapko, M.A.


Many of you know me as Michael’s wife and business partner. Some of you know me as the administrator of this website, program manager of Michael’s trainings, and organizer and caretaker of our 100-hour course.

Still others know me as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Although retired from that role now,  you may have known me as a therapist, diagnostician, author, or international speaker and presenter. Like many of you, I wear several different hats.

This page allows me to share with you two of my areas of interest: my work with children on the autism spectrum and my love of photography.

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Cover image of book

I wrote this book in 2003 as a quick resource for parents, teachers, those new to the field and people on the spectrum who had general questions about autism spectrum disorders (ASD). 

If you want a basic overview of primary issues about ASD , this book speaks to that despite the developments since the time of publication. The accessible question and answer format enables the reader the ability to quickly access those issues that are of most concern to them.

The book is organized into four main parts: diagnosis and characteristics; causes; medical issues; and treatments, intervention programs and approaches. The book’s final part includes a useful listing of further resources that were relevant at the time.

Do You See the Forest or the Tree? Utilizing Client Interests and Strengths in a Case of Asperger's Syndrome

This is a chapter in George Burns’ edited book, Happiness, Healing, Enhancement: Your casebook collection for applying positive psychology in therapy. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2010). In this chapter, I address how positive psychology influences my work with children on the spectrum. The entire book provides case examples of such influence in therapy.

Working Hypnotically with Children on the Autism Spectrum

This article (in English) addresses the use of hypnosis within the context of working with children on the autism spectrum. It was translated and published in Italian in L’ipnosi Con i Bambini e Gli Adolescenti (edited by Maria Laura Fasciana and published by FrancoAngeli, Milano Italy).  An English version of the book was not published. You can read the English Word document here. 

My Photography

Southern California Superbloom

two giraffes with faces touching

Giraffes, Melbourne Zoo, Victoria, Australia

two giraffes with faces touching

Bobcat kitten in tree, Southern California

South Africa: Young elephants greeting/playing


South Africa: Leopard 


South Africa: Sunset


dew drops on an unopened  yellow rose

Southern California: Yellow Rose with Dew Drops


African Green Bee Eater with a moth in its mouth.