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How to Recover from Depression:
Why Skills are Better than Pills

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This one-hour public lecture conducted in Melbourne, Australia was recorded as part of a series of talks sponsored by the Australian Psychological Society (APS). Psychologist and President of the APS, Anthony Cichello began an initiative entitled “Bringing Psychology to the Public” and Michael was honored to present this first talk in the series.

In this presentation Michael shares research and his insights from 40 years of working with those suffering this common mental health issues and specifically depression. Learn the simple skills that research shows can help you or a loved one to recover – and even prevent depression occurring – in this heartwarming and uplifting speech for the Australian Psychological Society.

Depression is Contagious

On October 1, 2013, I was warmly welcomed to a standing room only crowd at The University of Iceland where I spoke on the topic of depression.

The video length is almost an hour and a half (1:24) but you can start and stop the video to be able to watch it in time increments that suit your schedule. The lecture begins in English just before minute 6 in the video. It is my hope that by providing free lectures like this one, I am able to bring relevant information and perspective to people around the world on a major mental health issue affecting millions of people worldwide.

Special thanks to The University of Iceland, Department of Education and the Icelandic Hypnosis Society for sponsoring this free lecture and filming it so that I could share it with you.

In this conversation with Michael, Nicole Lamberson from the award winning documentary Medicating Normal,  asks Michael to focus on The Non Pharmacological Treatment of Depression.

In this Skype interview for the Inner Voices Show with Dr. Foojan Zeine. Dr. Yapko talks about distinguishing thoughts and feelings that over generalize negativity that leads to producing and/or sustaining Depression.

Audio Interviews and Podcasts on Depression is a digital therapeutic providing online support for physical and psychological conditions known to benefit from hypnosis.

Current digital hypnotherapy programs in the Mindset Health brand are: CLARIA™  a program for mental health, NERVA™ a program for Irrital Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the EVIA™ program for menopausal symptoms, and FINITO™ program for smoking cessation.

Here are some conversations Michael did with Mindset Health.


A conversation with Drs. Michael Yapko and Irving Kirsch facilitated by Claire Davidson of Mindset Health. People have been oversold on the idea about the benefits of antidepressants. This conversation highlights placebo effects and the research that continues to support that depression is not primarily a biological disease that needs to be medicated.

Michael Yapko & Lynn Lyons on Lynn’s Podcast, flusterclux

Can you have fun talking about depression and anxiety? We thought so, and we did! In this 56 minute podcast, Michael and Lynn Lyons talk about how depression moves through families and what parents need to do about prevention.

Michael and Lynn have known each other for decades and as a result their friendship and respect for each other is palpable in this podcast. We hope you’ll enjoying listening and learning.

In this 36 minute audio interview with David Wilson from the podcast, On Another Track, Michael focuses on why skills work better than pills in managing depression.

In this 1 hour AAMFT Podcast, Dr. Karam’s interview with Michael highlights Michael’s work over the years including his impact on the fields of clinical hypnosis, depression, and strategic outcome focused psychotherapies.

In this interview Michael shares stories of the pioneers in the field that influenced him, and his own work in applying systemic thinking to hypnosis and strategic therapy. He dispels myths about hypnosis and discusses the nature of suggestion imbedded in all therapy, and how he merges it into the treatment of depression.

In this 1 and 1/2 hour podcast with Neil Sattin from the podcast, Relationship Alive, Michael addresses the impact depression has on relationships and how to mitigate it.

This brief 16 minute interview was conducted on the Australian ABC Radio Show Life Matters with Natasha Mitchell. Michael addresses how hypnosis can be utilized for developing skills to manage depression and the limitations of the chemical imbalance theory of the brain.
In this 30 minute presentation Michael addresses the topic of Depression is Contagious: How our relationships can serve as the cause of, or the solution to, overcoming depression.