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The Hypnotic Idea Exchange (HIE)

The Hypnotic Idea Exchange (HIE), is a professional community of hypnosis practitioners who meet online monthly for free webinars, discussions, and social connection born out of the COVID pandemic.

The Hypnotic Idea Exchange (HIE) is  hosted by The North Carolina Society of Clinical Hypnosis (NCSCH), Northern Virginia and Eastern American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnosis Society of New Jersey.

Here are two presentations Michael did for the Hypnotic Idea Exchange.

This presentation for HEI  by Michael was the second one in the series and entitled,  All We Don’t Know About COVID-19: Addressing the Risk Factor of Ambiguity in Hypnosis.

This 25th meeting of the HIE invited three luminaries in the field of hypnosis: Stephen Lankton, LCSW,  Jeffrey Zeig, Ph.D. and Michael Yapko, Ph.D.  This 90 minute presentation includes presentation and discussion with Steve, Jeff and Michael. is a digital therapeutic providing online support for physical and psychological conditions known to benefit from hypnosis.

Current digital hypnotherapy programs in the Mindset Health brand are: CLARIA™  a program for mental health, NERVA™ a program for Irrital Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the EVIA™ program for menopausal symptoms, and FINITO™ program for smoking cessation.

Here are some conversations Michael did with Mindset Health.


A conversation with Drs. Michael Yapko and Irving Kirsch facilitated by Claire Davidson of Mindset Health. People have been oversold on the idea about the benefits of antidepressants. This conversation highlights placebo effects and the research that continues to support that depression is not primarily a biological disease that needs to be medicated.

Round Table Discussion with Dr. Michael Yapko and Dr. Simone Peters

World Mental Health Day presents an opportunity to talk about mental health issues, reducing stigmas about mental health, educating people, discussing treatments, and more. This round-table discussion brought to you by features psychologists Dr. Michael Yapko and Dr. Simone Peters and is facilitated by Claire Davidson of Mindset Health.

MENTAL HEALTH Awareness Month

Alex Naoumidis of Mindset Health hosted a one-hour Q & A Session with Michael. Topics ranged from what is hypnosis, how does it work, how can it help with addressing mental health issues, what are some myths about hypnosis, what are the differences in the terminology, how does the mind-body connection work, how does your mental well-being influence you physically – and more.

Michael is Chief Content Advisor of Mindset Health and his mental health sessions are currently available on Apple devices only but are being developed into a new Mental health program for Mindset which will be available on all devices in 2023.



Michael is Chief Content Advisor of Mindset Health.   At Mindset Health programs are designed  to naturally use your mind to positively effect your health.

Originally designed with individual subscribers in mind, clincians have gotten intrigued with the benefits and are now referring their clients to the Mindset Health programs. 

Michael has created a new 13-session mental health program that is being released at the end of August, 2023.  

Mental health isn’t something you achieve, it’s something you live!

Life can be hard, Thrive with Claria!

Looking backwards to explain problems doesn’t do much to improve your situation. And certainly living anxiously in the moment or worrying about ‘what’s next’ isn’t going to work well either.

This 13-session program provides the skills, perspectives and experiences that can make a genuine and helpful difference in how good you feel so you can take on the challenges of each and every day with a new mindset.

Self-manage IBS symptoms from home

Nerva helps you self-manage and live well with IBS through science-backed gut-directed hypnotherapy. Try it today.

Self-manage menopausal hot flashes, naturally.

Empower yourself to manage hot flashes, night sweats and poor sleep with a 5-week evidence-based digital hypnotherapy program. Try it free.

Quit smoking for good with self-hypnosis 

Finally, an easy way to quit smoking that actually works! Rewire your mind with research-backed neuroscience and become a non-smoker for good. Start free quiz

Angela Trainer from Glasgow’s  The Harvest Clinic interviews Michael prior to the presentation he gave in Glasgow at The 23rd World Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine. He talks about various aspects of the value and influence of hypnosis in the mind-body relationship, depression treatment and mindfulness.

This  brief 17 minute interview with Michael was conducted by Maryanna Polukhin, M.D. during the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshops in St. Louis, MO. The focus is on learning about Michael’s ideas as they relate to hypnosis as a field and his use of hypnosis in particular.