Trainings/Webinar Schedule

October 2023

October 3

3-Hour Live Webinar

The Discriminating Therapist: Enhancing Client’s Decision Making

This live 3-hour webinar is based on Dr. Yapko’s book, The Discriminating Therapist. In contrast to the psychological tradition of asking “why”, Dr. Yapko’s focus is on asking, “how”.  How people choose, how they make decisions leading therapists to more quickly and efficiently identify the most salient target(s) of treatment. In this webinar, client interviews will be shown that demonstrate that asking “how” questions can provide meaningful direction in therapy.

Webinar recording will be available for registered participants.

3 Continuing Education Hours are available.

TIME: 3:00-6:00 pm in the UK

In North America: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (Eastern time zone), 7:00-10:00 am (Pacific time zone).

Please check your local time zone at the link below.

October 6-7 (USA)
October 7-8 (OZ)

3-Hour Live Webinar

Applying Hypnosis in the Treatment of Depression: An Emphasis on Skills, Not Pills

This is a skill building webinar via Zoom that emphasizes the importance of utilizing proactive and well-targeted interventions when treating depression. As we will discuss and demonstrate, there are some very compelling reasons to include hypnosis in the treatment of depressed individuals, couples and families.

There will be didactic presentation, structured practice sessions of two key hypnosis interventions, and the opportunity for discussion as well as questions and answers.

PLEASE NOTE DATES are different in Australia and USA.

Australia : October 7 & 8
9:00-12:30 (Australian Eastern time) each day

USA/Canada: October 6 & 7
2:00-5:30 pm (Pacific time) each day

Please check your local time zone at the link below.

November 2023

November 3 & 4

6-Hour Live Interactive Webinar

Master Class:
Rigidity: Helping Clients Get Unstuck

This 6-hour Master Class is designed for those health care professionals who have participated in our 100-Hour Comprehensive Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy Training. The focus will be on the common theme of rigidity and helping client’s get unstuck.

This event is NOT recorded, so please check your local time zone at the link below to see if you can join us.

Image of Diane & Michael Yapko

November 11

3-Hour Live Interactive Webinar

The Power of Words to  Change Lives: A Fresh Look at the Merits of Clinical Hypnosis

Neuroscientific research in the way the brain and mind interact during hypnosis offers compelling evidence that there is  much more to clinical hypnosis than meets the eye.  Many therapists appreciate mindfulness which is often described as “attention without intention.” The powerful and most relevant question to ask, then, is this: How does focusing WITH intention give rise to even more successful clinical interventions? In this dynamic webinar, we will explore how focused attention and well-structured suggestions can give rise to dramatic shifts in perception.

The use of hypnosis – the power of words to heal – can empower people in multi-dimensional ways and truly should be something each therapist takes the time to learn. The empirical evidence for the merits of hypnosis provides a strong basis for appreciating the clinical benefits you can obtain when conducting hypnotically based psychotherapy.

Hours:  10:00-1:15 pm (Eastern time USA/Canada)

November 17

6-Hour Live Interactive Webinar

Treating Depression Strategically: Defining the Client as an Active Collaborator

The more we learn about the neuroscience of mood, especially neuroplasticity and neurogenisis, the more important well designed experiential learning processes become in treatment. Understanding the patterns to interrupt that give rise to and maintain depression will be the focus in this Live Interactive 6-hour webinar with an emphasis on active treatment approaches.

HOURS: 10:00 am to 5:15 pm (Eastern time in USA)
CEs: 6 CEs available
Recording available for those that register.

November 17-19

First International Congress of Integrative Clinical Psychotherapy – Online Event

Keynote Address

Conference Dates: November 17, 18, 19

Yapko keynote address: November 19th @ 9:00-noon (Mexico City time)

Please join me and the 8 other wonderful speakers at this conference including: Jeff Zeig, Ph.D., Sandra Chávez, Ph.D., Arnoldo Tellez, Ph.D., Scott Miller, Ph.D., Stefano Bartoli, Ph.D., Julie Anne, Ph.D., Mitchell Cliften, Ph.D.

 time in the USA)
In this second part of the webinar, client interviews will be shown that demonstrate that asking “how” questions can provide meaningful direction in therapy.


November 29

90-Minute Online Webinar

Countering Rumination and the “Analysis Paralysis” with Hypnosis

Rumination as a coping style means that when the going gets tough, the tough get thinking… and thinking, and analyzing, and anticipating, and worrying. It’s the basis for what many understandably call an “analysis paralysis.”

Rumination is a principal catalyst for passivity – the virtual opposite of a proactive approach to addressing life challenges – and thus must be considered a primary target of intervention, hypnotic or otherwise.

In this short webinar, we’ll explore the dynamics of ruminative coping and highlight the role hypnosis can play in encouraging meaningful and timely action.

HOURS: 8:00-9:30 pm (Eastern time in USA/Canada)
CEs:       1.5 CEs available

December 2023

December 12-17

Evolution of Psychotherapy

Multiple Presentations
Live in Anaheim, California

The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference makes it grand return to Anaheim, California in 2023 for a live event.  Michael is honored to again be a part of this stellar invited faculty.

 time in the USA)
In this second part of the webinar, client interviews will be shown that demonstrate that asking “how” questions can provide meaningful direction in therapy.