Process Oriented Hypnosis

Looking beyond the specific details of symptoms or the hypothetical reasons why they arose this book addresses “How” not “why”  the client generates and maintains their sypmtoms. This perspective is unique to Yapko’s work and  gives rise to briefer, more effective interventions either with or without hypnosis.


Widely hailed as the leading text in the field, this book provides a rich and detailed introduction to the complex and fascinating world of clinical hypnosis. Now in its 5th edition.

Taking Hypnosis to the Next Level

This book provides succinct pieces of sage advise for more advanced applications of clinical hypnosis. Valuable to the experienced clinician as well as those just beginning their practice.

Treating Depression with Hypnosis

This book focuses on the structuring and delivering of hypnotic interventions for the disorder of major depression. It makes substantial use of concepts and techniques from cognitive-behavioral and strategic approaches as a foundation.

Mindfulness and Hypnosis

In this groundbreaking work, Yapko draws attention to the hypnosis patterns embedded within mindfulness approaches. He insightfully describes the vital and inevitable role of suggestion in guided mindfulness meditations.

The Discriminating Therapist

Your quality of life is based on the choices that you make. Instead of anaylzing “why” someone makes the choices they make, this book focuses on “how” people choose and provides effective ways of making better quality decisions.

Hypnosis and the Treatment of Depressions

This very first book on the subject demonstrates that hypnosis can be a viable and effective approach to the treatment of depression. Yapko explodes some of the many myths about hypnosis and depression replacing them with a compelling, well-rounded and productive template for treatment.

Hypnosis and Treating Depression

This book features chapter contributions by highly experienced and well-known experts on using hypnosis to treat specific forms of depression. Assessment and intervention strategies as well as sample transcripts of the use of hypnosis in therapy sessions can be found in each chapter.

Essentials of Hypnosis

This book provides a warm and rich introduction to the fascinating field of hypnosis. The emphasis is on the use of hypnosis as an effective form of treatment. The book is a condenscened version of the more comprehensive text, Trancework.

Suggestions of Abuse

This controversial book reveals how and why a startling number of mental health professionals, ignorant about suggestibility and the workings of memory have led their patients to believe that they are victims of sexual abuse that has been entirely repressed. In plain language Yapko explains what we know-and don’t know about memory, repression, and sugestibility.

Breaking the Patterns of Depression

In this popular book, Yapko argues cogently that depression is much more about our circumstances and perceptions than our neurochemistry. Consistent with his view that skills are far more helpful than pills, Yapko provides dozens of skill-building strategies to better cope with the challenges of life that can too easily become overwhelming and lead to depression.

Keys to Unlocking Depression

Depression is the most common mood disorder in the world and the most researched mental health term on the Internet. People are bombarded with lots of information, too muc of which is incorrect or slanted to sell a particular product. In this book Yapko offers brief, succinct information and perspective to those suffering depression who simply want to understand what it’s about and what they need to do to overcome it.

Depression is Contagious

Depressions effects reach into the interactions you have with others, rippling destructively through marriages, families, work environments, and communities like a viral contagion. Drugs can’t repair or protect your relationships from depression but the skills taught in this book can.

Hand-Me-Down Blues

In this book Yapko carefully describes how the family can play a crucial role in the development of and recovery from depression. Parents introduce their children to various life experiences and in so doing inevitably reveal their own values, perspective and biases. Thus, children can “inherit” depression less from their parent’s genes and more from their parents’ attitudes and behaviors

Training Videos for

Clinical Demonstrations – DVD format

Michael has conducted a number of clinical video demonstrations over the years at conferences sponsored by The Erickson Foundation.  They are designed to be training videos in which health care professionals learning about applying clinical hypnosis in their work can see the strategic and innovative way that Michael works.

These DVDs are available for sale only through the Erickson Foundation website. Their titles and brief descriptions are below along with a link to the relevant page on the Erickson website for purchase.

The Case of Mike: Hypnosis & Building Resources

In this single session intervention with a depressed man also suffering symptoms of PTSD, hypnosis is utilized to break the patterns of rumination and self criticism.

The Case of Consuelo: Hypnosis & Exploring Options

In this single session intervention hypnosis is utilized to help the client become ‘unstuck’ in her efforts to transition her career to include writing.

The Case of Bob

In this single session intervention the client is feeling insecure in his transition to his new profession as a therapist. Hypnosis is used to teach him a valuable lesson about dealing with negative feedback selectively. He’s also taught to better assess others’ capabilities for providing support before expecting them to provide it.

The Case of Myra

In this single session intervention with a depressed woman, hypnosis is used to encourage a proactive approach to life focusing more on desired goals than current mood states.

The Case of Sol

In this single session intervention, hypnosis is used to address the unrealistic expectations that have led to chronic disappointment and despair. Establishing realistic goals and the specific steps to achieve them is a core part of the intervention.

The Case of Terri

In this single session intervention hypnosis is utilized to better associate the client to her own body to counter her fears of falling and injuring herself. In this multi-level process, she is encouraged to think not only about her next physical steps more carefully, but also her next steps in life.

The Case of Carol

In this single session intervention hypnosis is used to help a deeply ambivalent woman make the all-important decision regarding the future of her marriage. Instead of focusing on what she ‘should’ do, the focus is on “how” to make a decision with minimal regrets.

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