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Life is Hard.  Thrive with Claria™

Your Digital Mental Health Program


I took years of scientific research and clinical experience and built it into this program with Mindset Health so that you can now have it in your hands 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

There are no easy answers to living life well, but we’ve identified many of the vital skills necessary for feeling and being the best version of ourselves.  These are featured in this innovative program.

What is Mental Health? Emotional Well-Being?  There are many different definitions, but learning to live in ways that allow you to be at your best summarizes the program well.

Learning to manage your feelings, reactions, thoughts, and behaviors will make your life run more smoothly and effectively in whatever way you define it.

By using the prescribed hypnosis sessions you will become aware of, begin to develop, and then eventually master the mindset and skills of mental health and emotional well-being.

“People want to feel better in their lives but typically, they either don’t know what to do to accomplish that or more often, how to do it.

I routinely tell clients that it’s not that there’s something wrong with you, but instead it’s how you’re going about it.”


Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D.

The Claria™️ Program

In this engaging and practical program, you’ll master 12 key skills, empowering you to manage anxiety, depression and stress.

It is designed as a self-management tool (used on it’s own or in conjunction with therapy) that guides you through the specific skills someone needs to overcome and manage life’s challenges.

Over the course of 5 weeks, you’ll be guided to:

  • Listen to hypnosis sessions designed to focus you on helpful suggestions for making the changes you want.
  • Enjoy the Pause & Reflect  moments, highlighting what you’ve learned.
  • Apply these ideas in proactive ways that can lead to real changes in your life


After you’ve completed the prescribed 5 week program, you’ll have access to all the sessions throughout the remainder of your annual subscription.

After the first 5-weeks, you’ll be able to  personalize your long-term program, focusing on the skills that are most useful to you.

After all, managing your thoughts and feelings is an ongoing daily challenge we all face.

Life continues to happen and so does our need to adjust to those challenges. You can use the program as often as you need. Top up your skills or get a boost to take on the day or a particular challenge you’ll be facing.

Claria™️ can help!



Good mental health isn’t about getting rid of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. It’s about having the skills to manage them and thrive!

Research studies have identified many of the vital skills necessary for feeling and being the best version of ourselves.

Based on that research and decades of clinical experience, Claria™️ uses hypnosis, CBT and other validated approaches to help you help yourself.


Watch this 5 minute video as Michael explains what to expect with the claria™️ program.

Health Care Practioners and claria™

Claria™️ can be a practical, affordable support tool for you and your clients.

As a healthcare provider, we appreciate that you’re in a position to share claria™️ with your clients. For that reason, we want to provide you with complimentary access to claria™️ so you can better understand the program.  Register below.

If you’re a mental health professional, claria™️ can continue helping your clients between sessions so they are in a better position to work with you in session.

If you’re a physician, you know that physical and mental health go together. Prescribing claria may be just the boost they need with this scientifically based program to mange their mental health needs.

If you’re an allied health professional, you undoubtedly know how much a client or patient’s mental health influences their treatment response. Tell them about claria™️.

You can be confident in knowing that claria™️ is based on empirically validated approaches.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

1. FIRST Register below for your complimentary access to claria™️ so you can better understand the program and feel confident in prescribing it to your patients.  

2. AFTER you’ve registered at the link below THEN download the claria app from the App Store or Google Play. Note: you can skip the questions about symptoms, etc as this is what patients/clients will respond to and we want you to see how it all works.

3. NOW refer/prescribe the app for your patients and send them directly to the App Store or Google Play.
They will receive a free 7-day trial and then the in-app purchase will be available for the annual subscription.

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I am happy to be on the mission with MindsetHealth to help  people improve their health
by unlocking the power of the mind

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It’s a new day with claria™️

Disclaimer: Claria™️ is a self-management and well-being tool. Claria™️ does not replace treatment by your health care provider.  Do not change your current treatment without consulting your provider.  As is always the case, if you have any thoughts of harming yourself or others, please dial 911 (or local equivalent) or go to the nearest emergency room.