Received The Arthur Shapiro Award for Best Book of the Year on Hypnosis

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As a pioneer in the use of hypnosis in treating depression, Dr. Michael Yapko brings readers research data about overcoming depression as well as detailed examples of hypnotic strategies at work in the clinical context.

In Treating Depression with Hypnosis, Dr. Yapko describes how the popular approaches of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Strategic Interventions are integrated with Hypnosis in Treatment. He shares his unique protocols for “Hypnotically facilitating the ability to recognize and tolerate ambiguity”, “Hypnotically building expectancy” and more. He includes two session transcripts showing a detailed analysis of his work.

Yapko has a gift for integrating relevant information from various fields of study and treatment approaches. His ecclectic therapeutic style is highlighted in this book as CBT, Strategic psychotherapy and hypnosis are intertwined into how depression can be treated and prevented.  

Now more than 20 years old, this book stands the test of time as it remains as relevant today as when it was written. At the time, it was awarded The “Arthur Shapiro Award” from the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis for the “best book of the year on hypnosis” (2001).

Table of Contents

Section 1
Conceptual Framework:

Chapter 1:   Paving the therapy road with good intentions

Chapter 2:   Applying hypnosis in psychotherapy

Chapter 3:   Practical considerations in hypnotic treatment design


Section 2
Clinical Applications:

Chapter 4:   Ambiguity and the vulnerability of believing

Chapter 5:   Focusing on the future

Chapter 6:   Cleary, you can/can’t have it all

Chapter 7:   Coping styles and the right to choose…wisely

Chapter 8: The case of Mike: Breaking patterns of depression

Chapter 9:   Hypnosis and suggestions for prevention