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For nearly four decades, Trancework has been the fundamental textbook for guiding professionals in learning hypnosis. Now in its fifth edition, this classic text continues to be the most comprehensive book for learning the fundamental concepts and skills of the field.  This 5th edition integrates hundreds of new studies and many topics only lightly touched on before have now been expanded. There are new chapters on treating depression and the use of process oriented hypnosis,  and the previous considerations of the subjects of pain and metaphors have been expanded to full chapters. This 5th edition also includes more sample transcripts in order to illustrate how hypnotic processes might be structured and delivered.

Section 1
Conceptual Framework:

Thought Before Action: Developing a Deeper Understanding of Hypnosis.

Here’s what you’ll find in the conceptual framework section:

A Kaleidoscope of First Glimpses of Hypnosis. The Myths About Hypnosis and a Dose of Reality. Says of  Thinking About Hypnosis and How They Shape Your Practice. The Brain , the Mind and Hypnosis. . Hypnosis and Health: Amplifying the Mind-Body Relationship. The Subjective Experience of Hypnosis. Contexts for Applying Hypnosis and the Atmosphere You Create. The Social Psychology of Human Suggestibility. Responsiveness to Hypnosis: Demographic Factors and Assessment Tools. Hypnotic Hazards, Legal Considerations, and Ethical Guidelines.

Section 2
Practical Framework:

Hypnosis in Action: Developing Skill and Artistry in Clinical Practice

Here’s what you’ll find in the practical framework section:

Structuring Suggestions: Generating Intentional Language. Practical Tips for Conducting Effective Clinical Hypnosis Sessions. Structured Techniques of Hypnotic Induction: Doing Hypnosis. Conversational Approaches to Hypnotic Induction and the Art of Being Hypnotic.   Hypnotic Phenomena: Mobilizing Hidden Abilities. Designing and Delivering Clinical Hypnosis Sessions. Integrating Strategies of Clinical Hypnosis in Psychotherapy. Metaphors in Hypnosis: Here’s the Story. Hypnosis and Positive Psychology: Focusing on What’s Right. Process-oriented Hypnosis: From Asking How Questions to Building the Hypnotic Context. Examples of Hypnosis Sessions: Transcripts for Common Problems. Hypnosis and Treating Depression: Empowering the Disempowered. Clinical Hypnosis in the Management of Pain. Hypnosis With Children and Adolescents. Managing Unexpected Reactions. Hypnosis Across Modalities: Parallel Processes in Hypnosis and Mindfulness Meditation.


Readers appreciate the “Frames of Reference” sections found throughout the book, which provide insights into the work of some of the founders and leaders of clinical hypnosis. Each chapter concludes with suggestions from Dr. Yapko for things to consider and things to do, further emphasizing the importance of active learning.

Trancework 5th Edition
Companion Website from the Publisher


This 5th edition has a companion website developed by the publisher (Routledge/Taylor & Francis) to give readers access to more information than could be included in the book due to space limitations. 

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PRAISE for Trancework

Mark P. Jensen, Ph.D., Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington, and author of Hypnosis for Chronic Pain Management

“Michael Yapko’s books are gifts that keep on giving, and the 5th edition of Trancework is no exception. In this updated and expanded version of his classic text, Yapko provides a state-of-the-art and state-of-the-science overview of clinical hypnosis. With his trademark thoroughness, balanced view, and clear writing, Yapko has provided another valuable contribution that is a joy to read. Trancework not only provides practical and detailed descriptions of the most effective hypnotic techniques, but gives clinicians the background knowledge needed to use these techniques most effectively. It is clear why Trancework is used so often as a basic textbook for teaching hypnosis.”  

Daniel P. Kohen, M.D., Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician – Partners in Healing of Minneapolis. Co-Founder/Co-Director NPHTI (National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute). Professor of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota (retired)

“Despite my extensive experience in doing, researching, writing, and teaching hypnosis, I found this new 5th edition of Michael Yapko’s Trancework both enriching and enjoyable.  It is a fine blend of history, biographies, theory, research, philosophy, cases and practical application, unlike any other compendium.It is elegant in its simplicity and accessibility while simultaneously providing a thorough presentation of each topic, complete with discussion of differing opinions, conflicting theories, and up-to-date references.  The unique Frames of References throughout bring to life the contributions and words of the “Masters” upon whose shoulders we stand. I believe each reader will enhance their personal understanding and growth with the utilization of ideas from this incredible contribution to the world of hypnosis.” 

George W Burns, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Cairnmillar Institute, Melbourne, Australia, Author 101 Stories for Enhancing Happiness and Well-being

“From its very first edition, Trancework was my constant, invaluable companion while learning and sharpening my professional hypnosis skills. Packed with sound science, practical applications, therapeutic commonsense, and warm compassion, Yapko’s fifth edition of Trancework contains nearly everything about clinical hypnosis that both new and experienced therapists could ever need. One of the world’s most knowledgeable hypnosis educators and authors has significantly improved what I personally consider to be the world’s best hypnosis book. “


Consuelo C. Casula, internationally known author and teacher and past president of the European Society of Hypnosis.

“Michael Yapko’s new fifth edition of Trancework is much more than an introduction to the field of hypnosis: it is an essential book that provides insights and skills related to hypnosis that all practitioners and students of clinical hypnosis will want to master. Trancework highlights Yapko’s lifelong passion for his mission of advancing the field by articulating the proven benefits of clinical hypnosis in contributing to the well being of patients’ body, mind and soul.” 

Lynn Lyons, LICSW, author of Using Hypnosis with Children

“This fifth edition of Trancework has again proven that Michael Yapko remains what can only be described as a curious expert, and we as students of hypnosis are the luckier for it. Dr. Yapko provides historical perspective and the most updated research, helping to revise, clarify, and provoke our thinking about hypnosis. But what truly makes this book a page-turner are the generous examples of language and the sharing of skills that illustrate how being hypnotic serves to amplify resources, develop connection, and alleviate suffering. Dr. Yapko’s own enthusiasm shines brightly–and is in fact so contagious that both the new and veteran reader will put down this book feeling compelled to explore, experience, and more widely share this valuable clinical tool.” 

Jody Thomas, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Adjunct Faculty, Stanford University School of Medicine. Faculty, National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute, Executive Director, Meg Foundation

“This fifth edition of Trancework is a wonderful improvement to an already seminal work.  Dr. Yapko’s accessible writing style allows the reader to take advantage of his incredible capacity to synthesize a stunning amount of research, theory, and clinical experience into practical application for the reader.  It is amazing to find a text that can operate on several levels, allowing the novice to gain important foundational and practical knowledge about hypnosis, while also having so much to offer the clinician who has been practicing hypnosis for years. The research updates on the quickly growing field of hypnosis are essential for any clinician practicing hypnosis.”   

Pamela Kaiser, PhD, CPNP, Co-founder National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute (NPHTI) Former Associate Clinical Professor, Behavioral & Developmental Pediatrics, University of California (San Francisco) Medical School

“Michael Yapko’s newly revised Trancework offers readers a well-organized combination of a cogent summary of new information, a thoughtful reminder of one’s forgotten knowledge, and a compendium of practical strategies to incorporate into your existing therapeutic repertoire.  There’s a reason why so many reviewers of Yapko’s work comment on his writing style: it’s crisp, conversational and compelling!  Trancework is a comprehensive text providing an abundance of thought-provoking current material and balanced analyses of relevant subtopics. It will surely inspire new professionals as well as experienced clinicians to keep current with the field and revitalize the quality of their work.” 

Jeff Lazarus, MD, FAAP, Private Practice, Menlo Park, California, Former Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, Creator of the home video programs Keeping the Bed Dry® and Controlling Your Gut Feelings®.

“Michael Yapko’s new fifth edition of Trancework highlights his encyclopedic knowledge of hypnosis which he shares with the reader in an easy-to-use, practical format. Yapko’s organization of the text is logical and progressive, featuring balanced and unbiased explanations of controversial issues in the field as he explores both the art and science of hypnosis. The chapter entitled “Process Oriented Hypnosis: When How Matters More Than Why” is particularly unique in its consideration of the role of hypnosis in short term psychotherapies and describes one of Yapko’s most unique contributions to the field. This is truly the definitive book on clinical hypnosis.  If you are to purchase only one book about hypnosis, Trancework is the one!”

Camillo Loriedo, M.D., Sapienza University of Rome

“The enigma of hypnosis raises countless questions about its nature and clinical relevance, thereby telling a never-ending story. This new edition of Trancework provides responses to many of the most important questions about hypnosis that both beginners and expert clinicians ask themselves, and also humbly acknowledges many of the questions we have yet to answer. Hypnosis as a field continues to grow, and it is rare to find a book like Trancework that grows along with it through each new edition. This is a book clearly written with great passion and enthusiasm that inspires these same feelings in the reader.”

Moshe S. Torem MD, Past President of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Chief of Integrative Medicine, Cleveland Clinic-Akron General, and Professor of Psychiatry at Northeast Ohio Medical University.

“Michael Yapko’s fifth edition of Trancework is an exceptional book. Yapko’s extensive knowledge of the latest scientific research findings in combination with his practical clinical guidance provide readers a text written with clarity, relevance and wisdom. The special “Frame of Reference” sections connect the reader to hypnosis luminaries and their important contributions to the hypnosis field. This book is a treasure and a “must read” for both beginning and seasoned clinicians.” 

David R Patterson, PhD. Author of Clinical Hypnosis for Pain Control.

“This is a new 5th edition of a classic book by Michael Yapko, who is arguably the most active and prolific conventional writer in the field of clinical hypnosis. This is truly a breathtaking work on how to learn hypnosis and apply it to human suffering. While “introductory” at some levels, it offers one of the best available discussions of the complexity of the field. The scope of this volume, and the respect it shows for the great writers in the field, will be hard to replicate.”

David R Patterson, PhD. Author of Clinical Hypnosis for Pain Control.

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness

“Comprehensive, penetrating, and always practical, the many strengths of this book include its grounding in modern neuroscience, its range of clinical examples and applications, and the warmth and clarity of its writing. This new edition of Dr. Yapko’s classic will be highly useful for both experts and those beginning to use hypnosis. A wonderful book.” 

Laurence I. Sugarman, M.D., F.A.A.P., A.B.M.H. College of Health Sciences and Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology. Co-author/editor, Therapeutic Hypnosis with Children and Adolescents, 2nd edition.

“Yapko has done it again. His revised Trancework keeps its place as the most comprehensive and practical text on weaving hypnosis into clinical practice. Yapko’s mastery is in his ability to guide us to a coherent conceptualization of hypnotic strategies while making them immediately accessible. Trancework 5 teaches the indispensable core of hypnosis in therapy and so remains the essential text.”