Hypnosis and Building Resources cover

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In this informative DVD, Hypnosis and Building Resources, viewers have a chance to look on as Dr. Yapko helps Mike, a young husband and father, turn the first major corner in overcoming his moderate to severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

As the session opens, Mike is rigidly oriented toward the past, regularly reliving the memories and being flooded with the images of the violent abuse he suffered at the hand of his father. He describes his predicament- “It just seems like I’m stuck in a gutter and can’t get out.”

Maintaining a clear focus on the skills and resources Mike will need to get out of that gutter, Dr. Yapko artfully steers the session away from the pain of the past to orient Mike to the positive possibilities of the future. It is a magic moment when, at the end, Mike spontaneously laughs and says, “I feel real good!”

20 months later, Mike reports he has been doing better and better, a testimonial to the power of this dynamic session. Prior to the session Dr. Yapko is interviewed by the hosts of the Brief Therapy Inside Out series, of which this session is a part, and following the session Dr. Yapko is asked to explain key aspects of the intervention with Mike. This is a superb teaching tape for those who want to learn the intricacies of Dr. Yapko’s hypnotic and strategic therapeutic approaches.

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Publisher: Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-932462-66-1
95 Minutes