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Received the Arthur Shapiro Award for the Best Book in Hypnosis
from the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH) .

Award presented by SCEH President, Donald Moss, Ph.D.
at the annual SCEH conference in Las Vegas, October 2018.


Hypnosis has historically been misunderstood. It has been characterized by myths and misconceptions that Dr. Yapko has spent a professional lifetime debunking. Taking Hypnosis to the Next Level is a book providing crisp pieces of sage advice that Dr. Yapko has acquired over his many decades of clinical experience. Through this new book’s “foundational concepts” and “hot tips,” he challenges many of the older concepts and rituals of hypnosis while providing new and current insights into clinical practice 

Taking Hypnosis to the Next Level blends the science of hypnosis with the art of hypnosis, knowing full well that no matter how scientifically informed one is, which is important for good practice, hypnosis is still largely an art relying on subjective experience and good judgment.

It is the art of hypnosis that speaks to what some people might attribute to “intuition.” The clinicians who seem to know exactly what to say, or seem to come up with just the right metaphor at the right time, often say it is intuitive. The intuition of master practitioners can be described as skills that develop with practice and clinical experience and gradually become automatic. In Taking Hypnosis to the Next Level, many of these important skills are clearly articulated as “hot tips” for clinicians to benefit from in whatever way they may practice hypnosis.

In Taking Hypnosis to the Next Level, Dr. Yapko’s ability to take complex theoretical concepts and transform them into practical strategies is once again on display. He takes multifaceted issues and breaks them down into discrete, learnable skills through a simple format of numbered tips. Taking Hypnosis to the Next Level is a compilation of many of the skills that Dr. Yapko teaches in his trainings and shares here with his readers. 

When you have a practical, working knowledge of hypnosis, you inevitably discover that the approaches that work well for one person do not necessarily work as well for another. Learning to tailor your words and approaches to meet the needs of individual clients is an ongoing challenge for clinicians who practice hypnosis. In Taking Hypnosis to the Next Level, Dr. Yapko succinctly provides key pieces of information that hold the potential to make treatment with hypnosis more deliberate and successful.

Unlike other hypnosis books, including Dr. Yapko’s previous books, Taking Hypnosis to the Next Level is NOT about “how to do” hypnosis. Rather, this is a book about how to do hypnosis better. It is assumed that the reader has or is currently undergoing formal training in the use of hypnosis, has learned about the nature of hypnosis and hypnotic phenomena, and has conducted hypnosis sessions in their clinical practice. 

This book is about those pearls of wisdom that come with experience that are now offered here for readers in succinct one-two page ‘hot tips.’ If you want to take your practice of hypnosis to the next level, then “step up” and read this book!