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We no longer sell books/CDs on our website. Please click on the link above if you wish to purchase this audio CD version of the 3rd edition of Trancework.



In his own voice, Dr. Yapko clearly and dynamically introduces listeners to a broad range of hypnotic methods and techniques that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of all modes of therapy.

This 8-CD abridged version, based on the text of the popular third edition of Trancework, (now in it's 4th edition, so please be aware this is the older version on audio CD).  specifically addresses the growing emphasis within psychotherapy on proving efficacy through empirical data and the creative use of hypnosis to enhance treatment outcomes, and the advances in cognitive neuroscience that are stimulating new research.

For newcomers, Trancework is an authoritative primer, demystifying hypnosis and offering step-by-step instruction for integrating it skillfully into clinical practice. Those already familiar with hypnotic procedures will welcome Dr. Yapko's presentation of influential theories, controversies, trtreatment approaches, and rich case material. All listeners are guided through personal and professional enrichment as they discover the art and science of clinical hypnosis as presented in this essential audio program.

Use the audio program on its own, or in conjunction with the complete text version of Trancework: An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis, Third Edition.

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