The Case of Carol: Possibilities and Probabilities in Hypnosis A Clinical Demonstration of Hypnosis in Empowering Decision Making

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Carol is a 61 year old woman presenting the problem of being at a crossroads in her life, specifically in regards to her marriage of 40 years. She is seriously considering divorcing her husband, but has been unable to make a decision as to whether she should divorce or stay in an unsatisfying marriage. She wants to make a decision, however difficult it might be to implement, that is based on clear thinking and with a sense of confidence that it really is the right path for her to follow.

Dr. Yapko does not presume to tell her what the “right thing to do” is, but instead, through hypnosis, helps Carol evolve the ability to make a decision based on vision and a deeper awareness for what it means to evolve as a growth-oriented person. This professionally filmed session includes explanatory subtitles highlighting subtle aspects of Dr. Yapko’s intervention and long-term follow-up information on Carol’s progress.


Publisher: Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, Inc

ISBN: 978-1-932462-40-1 • 2006 • 66 Minutes

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