Keys to Unlocking Depression—Downloadable E-Version

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In this easy to read format of 50 informative statements, Dr. Yapko sums up the science and clinical judgment he has shared with his clients and professional colleagues for over 30 years. The experience of depression is greatly influenced by your perspective. Therefore, making sure your perspective is clear and well informed is an important first step in overcoming depression.

In Keys to Unlocking Depression, internationally recognized clinical psychologist and depression expert, Dr. Michael Yapko, gives you the essential information to manage and overcome depression. It is intended to help provide a life raft of clarity to those who are treading water in the sea of confusion about depression.

Equipped with the information in Keys to Unlocking Depression, readers will learn how to think about depression in a way that will make overcoming it both easier and more effective. No one overcomes depression by declaring himself or herself a victim, so take the valuable keys that Dr. Yapko provides in this book and unlock your depression.

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