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Sleeping Soundly Audio Program


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Due to changing technology, this audio program is now available only as an mp3 download file.
There are no longer “hard copy” versions in CD format.

Difficulty falling or staying asleep, or having non-rejuvenating sleep, is termed insomnia. While there can be many different medical and emotional factors that can cause or exacerbate insomnia, one of the most common is the spinning around and around of anxiety-producing thoughts, a stressful pattern called rumination. It is vital to achieving good quality sleep to reduce rumination by managing your thoughts and feelings skillfully. The hypnosis session contained on Sleeping Soundly CD can help you reduce rumination, fall and stay asleep more easily, and thereby develop good, restorative sleep. This CD’s first track (length 13:18) provides an overview of insomnia and its relationship to the way you think and problem-solve. The second track (length 22:00) provides a formal hypnosis session for you to listen to, experience, and learn from while developing the ability to sleep well. The hypnosis session is soothing, supportive, and provides an easy path to follow into a good night’s sleep. This hypnosis session is included in Dr. Yapko’s audio CD programs for depression and anxiety entitled, Focusing on Feeling Good and Calm Down also sold on Amazon.