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  • Fri

    The Social Contagion of Depression: What Therapy Can Do That Antidepressants Can't

    Bellingham, Washington

    Depression is now the single greatest cause of human suffering and disability around the world. Evidence is growing that biology is less a factor in depressions spread while social forces must be recognized as the greater factor. In this one-day presentation we will explore the evidence that depression is much more a social than medical problem and consider the implications of that recognition for effective intervention. Specific skills and strategies for managing and even preventing depression will be presented.

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  • Wed

    100-Hour Training in Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy

    Chicago, Illinois

    This is Phase 1 (OPEN to new participants) of a 3-part training and participants must register for all 3 phases to participate.

    • Phase 1:June 24-28, 2020 (Wed.-Sun.)
    • Phase 2:July 29-August 2, 2020 (Wed.-Sun.)
    • Phase 3: September 9-13, 2020 (Wed.-Sun.)

    This 100-hour clinical hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy course is a comprehensive training for health professionals to learn and integrate the skills of clinical hypnosis into their practice. The small group cohesiveness becomes an integral part of this training experience as no new participants can join the group once it begins. Michael Yapko's structured approach to teaching, his humor and emphasis on practical and hands-on learning makes this an outstanding professional and personal experience.

    WATCH a brief video of Michael describing the course and inviting you to join him in Chicago.

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