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September 22,2020 Newsletter
“New Release-Breaking the Patterns of Depression NOW an AUDIOBOOK!”

September 15,2020 Newsletter
“Defining Erickson, Remembering Braid, Mindset Update and More”

August 29,2020 Newsletter
“Suicide Prevention, 100-Hr Training Online in US & OZ, and
Evolution Conference Update”

August 12,2020 Newsletter
“Announcing Michael’s New Book…and More.”

July 23,2020 Newsletter
“It’s official!! Our 100-Hr Training is Online in 2021”

May 28,2020 Newsletter
“FREE Webinar-Register by Friday May 29”

April 24,2020 Newsletter
” Mindset, Podcasts, A book for Kids & Two Webinars”

April 22,2020 Newsletter
“What a line up! Summit with the Experts”

April 17,2020 Newsletter
“Invaluable Resources”

April 1,2020 Newsletter
“Announcing our Partnership with Mindset-A Free App in April”

March 18,2020 Newsletter
“Coronavirus Musings and a Wonderful Resource for Kids”

March 1,2020 Newsletter
“Antidepressant Politics, SuperSaver Evolution Discount and More…”