Digital Hypnosis Programs is on a mission to unlock the power of the mind in healthcare.

To that end, I created a  digital program that can help you better manage your mental health.

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“People want to feel better in their lives but typically, they either don’t know what to do to accomplish that or more often, how to do it.

I routinely tell clients that it’s not that there’s something wrong with you, but instead it’s how you’re going about it.”

This program helps you learn some of the key skills for living life well as you manage the  challenges that we all face on a daily basis.

Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D.

Mental Health Digital Program


I took years of scientific research and clinical experience and built it into this program that you can now have in your hands 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

There are no easy answers to living life well, but we’ve identified many of the vital skills necessary for feeling and being the best version of ourselves.  These are featured in this innovative program.

What is Mental Health? Emotional Well-Being?  There are many different definitions, but learning to live in ways that allow you to be at your best summarizes the program well.   Learning to manage your feelings, reactions, thoughts, and behaviors that will make your life run more smoothly and effectively in whatever way you define it.

By using the prescribed hypnosis sessions you will become aware of, begin to develop, and then eventually master the mindset and skills of mental health and emotional well-being.

Vector of a person's profile with the top of the head open and growing a garden


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A Mindset Health Program for Menopause Hot Flashes

Vector of a person's profile with the top of the head open and growing a garden


I am happy to be on the mission with Mindset Health to help  people improve their health
by unlocking the power of the mind