A Webinar with Drs. Irving Kirsch and Michael Yapko (March 28, 2023)

Rethinking the Treatment of Depression: Have We Been Misinformed About Antidepressants? 


Watch A Live Interview / Q&A Session with Michael and Alex 

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, the co-founder of Mindset Health & Nerva, Alex Naoumidis, hosted a Q&A session with renowned clinical psychologist and Chief Content Advisor of Mindset Health – Dr Michael Yapko on May 31, 2022.  Questions ranged from what is hypnosis, how does it work, how can it help with addressing mental health issues, what are some myths about hypnosis, what are the differences in the terminology, how does the mind-body connection work, how does your mental well-being influence you physically – and more.

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Round Table Discussion with Dr. Michael Yapko and Dr. Simone Peters

World Mental Health Day presents an opportunity to talk about mental health issues, reducing stigmas about mental health, educating people, discussing treatments, and more. This round-table discussion brought to you by MindsetHealth.com features psychologists Dr. Michael Yapko and Dr. Simone Peters and is facilitated by Claire Davidson of Mindset Health.


Partnership with Mindset Health

More than three years ago I announced my exciting new relationship with  MindsetHealth.com,  a digital app to manage chronic conditions with hypnosis.  In the short time since its launch, Mindset Health™ has undergone significant expansive changes. The various teams of professionals involved help Mindset Health™ grow and continue to evolve to meet its amazing mission – “To empower a billion people to improve their health by unlocking the power of the mind.”

If  you’ve visited this page before, then you may have already noticed the new Mindset Health™ logo. There have been a lot of changes at Mindset Health™, so let me tell you about them.

When I first met Chris and Alex Naoumidis, two brothers and savvy tech-industry entrepreneurs from Melbourne, Australia, they described their vision of Mindset Health ™ and desire to include me in that vision.  They were already working with psychophysiologist Dr. Simone Peters providing her successful hypnosis program for Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) called Nerva

They asked me to provide hypnosis sessions to help with managing mood (depression, anxiety), creating better focus, better sleep, and managing pain that would be available in the Mindset app. (currently only available on Apple devices BUT that will be changing soon as I’m developing a brand new program for MindsetHealth to be released in August 2023 that will be available on all platforms like the other Mindset Health programs.)

Since we initially began working together, here are some of the changes that have taken place at Mindset Health™:

  • a re-design and new logo for Mindset Health™
  • development of a Mindset Health™ Website
  • development of the Matter Blog
  • development of the Connect™ gateway for health care professionals
  • a conceptual and structural change to create and expand prescribed self-help programs including Evia and Finito with my mental health program coming in August 2023.

Currently, the prescribed programs available on Mindset Health™ are: Nerva for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),  Eviafor taking control of menopausal hot flashes and Finito for smoking cessation. These programs are designed to help manage symptoms naturally, without drugs, and have a strong empirical base.  These programs are available through the MindsetHealth.com website and on apple, and android platforms. 

The mental health content for Mindset that I created to manage depression, anxiety, sleep and more is currently only available in the apple app store. Now that MindsetHealth has made some changes they’ve asked me to create a new prescribed program that will be launched in August 2023 and will be available on all platforms. Those that have been waiting for availability on Android devices won’t have to wait too much longer. but I’m creating an entirely new program for Mindset and look forward to telling you all about it soon.

For now, you can still benefit from the existing content I created. Download the mindset app on Apple devices (i-phone, ipad).  You can sign up to be notified when an Android version becomes available. Click here.  



Click on the microphone below to listen to the Podcast of Michael Yapko and Chris Naoumidis describing the Mindset app in the Podcast conducted by Richard Hill and Matthew Dahlitz of The Science of Psychotherapy.

Link to the Podcast about the Mindset app on The Science of PsychotherapyImage of and Link to the podcast about Mindset on the Science of Psychotherapy Podcast



Mindset app – Hypnosis for Mental Health 

A healthy mindset can make a dramatic difference to your mental/emotional  and physical health.

We’ve built Mindset to help you change your automatic thoughts and learn the skills known to improve and even prevent mental health issues.

I am happy to be on the advisory board,  a consultant  to Mindset Health™ and a content contributor to the Mindset app.
I have shared my audio programs (some listed below)  and am now developing a brand new program that will launch in August, 2023.

  • Calm Down: teaches you many of the key skills known to reduce and even prevent anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Better Focus, Better Life: build an attitude towards yourself that encourages lifelong growth, becoming more positive and evolving as a person.
  • Focus on Feeling Good: teaches you the key skills that are known to reduce, and even prevent, depression.
  • Sleeping Soundly: facilitates a good night sleep by teaching you to quiet your mind
  • Managing Pain with Hypnosis:  teaches you how to achieve more control over your level of comfort
  • NEW SESSIONS – I’ve also  provided the Mindset app with many new hypnosis sessions on a variety of self-help topics. These are stand alone recordings that address common issues such as developing greater self-awareness, recognizing and correcting common distortions in one’s thinking, achieving goals, and more.

Health Practitioners – Connect™

If you are a health care practitioner you can utilize MindsetHealth™ as an adjunct to your sessions to provide additional help and support to your clients in-between sessions.

With Connect™, you have an invaluable means to not only prescribe programs but also  monitor your linked patient’s progress.

Health care professionals can get free access and work with patients by signing up to the Connect™ Healthcare Portal.

For more information on Connect™  click here 




Nerva™ – a digital therapeutic – Hypnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), naturally 

IBS is one of the most common health conditions, affecting 1 in 7 people, yet there aren’t many effective ways to manage the symptoms associated with IBS.

At Mindset Health™, we’ve partnered with Dr. Simone Peters to offer her 6-week gut-directed hypnotherapy program which was shown to be clinically effective in 71% of the patients with IBS. That’s the same as the gold standard treatment for IBS – the low-FODMAP diet!


Evia™ a digital therapeutic  – Hypnosis for Menopause, naturally.

Hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia are the distressing symptoms most women going through menopause often struggle with in their daily lives.

At Mindset Health™, we’ve partnered with Dr. Gary Elkins to offer his 5-week program that manages symptoms with clinically proven, non-hormonal techniques through hypnosis.


Finito™ a digital therapeutic- Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

End the cravings, manage your emotions and change your habits with this quit smoking program designed by Dr. Gary Elkins.


Stay Tuned, there’s more to come…

The mental health sessions I’ve provided will eventually be developed into specific prescribed programs. But in the meanwhile  you can access all the programs at the Mindset app on apple devices only.

Android and Google versions are available for Nerva, Evia and Finito and will be available with all new programs that are coming soon. You can sign up  to be informed when the Android version becomes available.