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Due to changing technology, this audio program is now available only as an mp3 download file.
There are no longer “hard copy” versions in CD format.

Managing Pain with Hypnosis is an innovative audio program provides two clinical hypnosis sessions designed to help reduce the suffering associated with painful conditions and increase your level of comfort. In these two separate but related clinical hypnosis sessions, you will be guided through the relaxing and soothing experience of hypnosis while you learn the primary skills which give rise to relief. Hypnosis has repeatedly been shown to be one of the most reliable, least intrusive, and most effective means for managing discomfort, regardless of its cause. Hypnosis has been used as the principle or sole anesthetic in major surgical procedures. Pain treatment clinics and behavioral medicine programs routinely employ hypnosis and hypnotically derived methods in their interventions.



SESSION 1: Keeping a Cool Head About Pain (running time: 26.29) A straight forward hypnosis session involving direct suggestions for relief.

SESSION 2: Distancing Yourself From Discomfort (Running time 25.37). A less direct, multi-dimensional intervention for achieving comfort.