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Todos conocemos de cerca los sintomas de la depresion: desesperacion y sentimiento de soledad. Como un virus contagioso, destruye matrimonios, familias, entornos de trabajo y comunidades. Y si bien todos los esfuerzos por combatirla se centran en el factor biologico, ni el mas sofisticado medicamento es capaz de reparar o proteger nuestras relaciones de sus efectos devastadores. Afortunadamente, las tecnicas descritas por el doctor en psicologia Michael D. Yapko si pueden. / Description of La Depresion es Contagiosa. Depression is the world’s most common mood disorder, and it’s spreading fast: at the current rate, the World Health Organization predicts it will leap from the fourth to the second greatest cause of human suffering and disability in the world by the year 2020. And the shocking spread of this debilitating disorder isn’t fated by brain chemistry, genes, diet, or personal weakness, as we’re too often taught — rather, the latest research provides overwhelming evidence that depression is much more a social problem than a medical disease. Depression doesn’t just infect a single individual and then stays contained within them. Depression’s effects reach into the interactions you have with others, ripping destructively through marriages, families, work environments, and communities like a viral disease. Drugs can’t repair or protect your relationships from depression, but the skills that expert psychologist Dr. Michael D. Yapko teaches us in this powerful book can.