Title of webinar


The North Carolina Society of Clinical Hypnosis (NCSCH) has created a free webinar series designed to exchange ideas around utilizing hypnosis in clinical practice. The format utilizes an information sharing webinar and then breaking out into smaller groups to discuss ideas , and share creative hypnotic ideas in a supportive professional community of  professionals utilizing hypnosis.

I was asked to participate in the June 2, 2020 webinar as part of a panel on Helping Calm COVID-19 Anxiety, Fear and Stress.  My webinar was titled,  All We Don’t Know About COVID-19: Addressing the Risk Factor of Ambiguity in Hypnosis.  Other panelists included  Daniel Radesca, M.D.  from Uruguay and Dana Lebo, Ph.D. from North Carolina and President of the NCSCH.

Dr. Radesca presented a Self-Hypnosis Technique to Reduce Stress and Dr. Lebo shared a unique perspective about how the movie “Back to the Future” created an opportunity for her to create an hypnotic process emphasizing the temporal orientation and play on the word “back.”

Below is a link to my presentation in this webinar series.