Hypnosis and the Treatment of Depressions

Strategies for Change
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In this book, Yapko not only demonstrates hypnosis is a viable and powerful approach to the treatment of depression but also confronts traditional criticism of its use head on.

He first lays the groundwork for the book’s dual focus, opening with a discussion of depressions. Yes, that plural depressions is intentional, not a typo. There are many different manifestations of depression hence the use of the plural form. He then focuses on the historical perspective of depression and hypnosis as “forbidden friends,” shedding new light on old myths about the use of hypnosis leading to hysteria, and even suicide. The result is a definition of hypnosis as a flexible and enlightened tool that offers precisely the multidimensionality that the problem demands.

Hypnosis and the Treatment of Depressions: Strategies for Change breaks new ground as the first ever to describe hypnosis as a tool for enhancing cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression. Strategies for using therapeutic metaphors, facilitating flexibility and building positive expectancy are described in detail.Of special interest is an analysis of a cognitive therapy session by Dr. Aaron Beck according to Dr. Yapko’s hypnotic framework. The reader will learn the power of suggestion in any therapeutic form.



Chapter 1: Depression

Chapter 2: Depression and Hypnosis: Forbidden Friends

Chapter 3: Hyposis: Is It What You Thin It Is?

Chapter 4: Hypnotic Aspects of Nonhypnotic Therapies

Chapter 5: Depression and Symptomatic Trances

Chapter 6: Stages of Treatment

Chapter 7: The Role of Expectancy in Treating Depression

Chapter 8: Utilizing Trance in Treatment

Chaptger 9: Structuring Therapeutic Learnings

Chapter 10: Integrating Hypnosis into Therapy