One of my most esteemed friends and colleagues is psychologist Jody Thomas, Ph.D. of
Stanford University. Jody has been an integral part of the pediatric  pain treatment program
there  for many years doing excellent clinical work as well as developing  programs to better
serve the children she cares so  much  about. Jody is very skilled in applying hypnosis in pain management with children.
She recently relocated to Denver, but has maintained her affiliation with Stanford.

One of her most recent projects just came to fruition after a long time in development. It’s a
lively and informative video presentation teaching kids about pain and their capacity to
assert greater control over their pain. It’s meant to help kids and their families feel
empowered to change the experience associated with medical procedures and pain.
At this very moment, Jody is traveling to Malaysia where she’ll be presenting the video to
other pediatric specialists at the Media Fest for the International Symposium on Pediatric Pain.
It will be worth your while to take the 13 minutes needed to watch the video whether you
work with kids or not.

The link provided below will take you to the Stanford Children’s Health home page. In the
upper right corner, you’ll see a cartoon graphic titled, “Video: You are the Boss of Your Brain:
Learning How Pain Works.” Click on it, and enjoy the video!