This year’s master class for individuals who have completed our 100-Hour Comprehensive training will be online this year. The title is, Beyond the “How” Question: From “I Don’t Know” to Developing a Hypnosis Treatment Plan.

Knowing how to zero in on the relevant issue(s) to address in therapy is one of Michael’s greatest strengths that he brings to his teachings. As he often says, “a hypnosis session is only as good as its target.” Therefore, learning how to recognize those targets and knowing what to do once you have them in sight will be the focus of this year’s Master Class.

This online Master Class focuses on helping make the transition from the clinical interview to the delivery of a well-aimed hypnosis session a smoother, more deliberate process. This course is for those clinicians who feel they would benefit from revisiting the general topic of asking the “how” question and going more deeply into the question of what to do next.

We will meet for 3-hours on 4 separate occasions described in the link below.

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