Pre-Conference Workshop: “Empowering Clients to Make Better Decisions: Resilience is Good but Prevention is Better.” Plenary Speech: ” Where’s the Strength in Ego-Strengthening?” Workshop: “Process-Oriented Hypnosis: Being General Specifically to Produce Specific Results” More Info & Registration… Read More

This 3-day workshop will focus on the ways clinical hypnosis can be integrated into goal-oriented psychotherapy. Day 1 Topic: The Discriminating Therapist: The “How” Question and Ways Bad Decisions Can Give Rise to Peoples’ Problems. Day 2 Topic: Rumination and Behavioral Activation: Helping Clients Take Meaningful Action in Therapy. Day 3 Topic: Dissociation as a… Read More

This one-day workshop will provide attendees with a current and realistic perspective about the most common mood disorder in the world today. What causes depression? What can people do to overcome and even prevent depression? The emphasis will be on practical approaches for individual sufferers and the people who care about them. This workshop is… Read More

This year’s annual master class for participants of our 100-hour clinical training program is entitled, “Dissociation as a Therapeutic Ally:Hypnosis as a Vehicle for Enhancing Compartmentalization Skills” This is a duplicate of the 2018 master class which sold out before a number of interested parties could register. More Info & Registration… Read More