Despite my almost always having a camera in my hand and taking pictures throughout the Congress, I’m still learning to use this camera and adjusting to the lighting and movement issues. Unfortunately, this yielded more poor images than good ones. Apologies in advance for not including many people whom I had photographed.

Thanks for your understanding…Diane

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Erickson Congress Faculty pictured from above

Jeff Zeig and Michael Yapko at Michael’s keynote address

Kathryn Rossi, Susan Davis, Richard Hill, Michael Munion, Reid Wilson, Lynn Lyons, Michael Yapko

John Beahrs, Steve Lankton, Michael Yapko, Bill O’Hanlon

Michael Yapko, Jeff Zeig, Lynn Lyons, Bill O’Hanlon

Bill O’Hanlon, Michael Yapko, Jeff Zeig

Jeff Zeig, Michael Yapko, Steve Lankton

John Beahrs, Bill O’Hanlon, Michael Yapko, Jeff Zeig

Michael Yapko, Nicole Ruysschaert

Diane & Michael Yapko

Holding a copy of the Dutch Translation of Michael’s book, “Essentials of Hypnosis” Els Nelissen, Michael Yapko, Jan Nelissen

Jolie Barretta, Norma Barretta, Michael Yapko

Susy Signer-Fischer, Tobi Goldfus, Lynn Lyons

Roxanne Erickson-Klein, Michael Yapko, Albina Tamalonis

Helen Adrienne, Michael Yapko, Consuelo Casula, Douglas Flemons

Book/poster signing

Michael Hoyt and Michael Yapko

Roxanne Erickson-Klein, Jeff Zeig at Roxie’s keynote address

Camillo Loriedo, Laura Loriedo Fasciana, Diane & Michael Yapko