A Spectrum of Possibilities: Strategies for Working Flexibly with ASD Clients

This article was written by Diane Yapko and originally published in the Family Therapy Magazine (May/June 2008). Diane is a speech-language pathologist and has worked with children on the autism spectrum for 30 years. This article focuses on four common strategies that are effective in working with this population.

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Working Hypnotically with Children on the Autism Spectrum

This is a book chapter, written by Diane Yapko, addressing the use of hypnosis within the context of working with children on the autism spectrum. Initially published in Italian in L’ipnosi con i bambini e gli adolescenti (Edited by Maria Luara Fasciana and published by FrancoAngeli, Milano Italy). It will also be published in English at a later date.

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Do You See the Forest or the Tree?

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This a chapter in George Burns’ edited book, Happiness, Healing, Enhancement: Your casebook collection for applying positive psychology in therapy. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2010).In this chapter, I address how positive psychology influences my work with children on the spectrum. The entire book are case examples of such influence in therapy.