Empower patients to manage their depression, anxiety, and daily stress.

  • Based upon scientifically validated approaches
  • A strength based approach focusing your patient’s on their innate resources rather than their deficits
  • Provides key skills known to not only enhance treatment but aid in prevention
  • Supports the work HCPs do before, between, and after clinical sessions
  • Available to patients anytime they want to focus on positive possibilities and applying practical life-enhancing skills
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Created by
Dr. Michael D. Yapko
Dr. Yapko is an award winning clinical psychologist, author and international trainer of strategic and hypnotic approaches for addressing mental health issues.

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In this ___ minute video  Dr. Yapko explains how the claria™️ program can enhance your work with patients.

Mental Health


Can your patients benefit from receiving extra support beyond what your schedule allows?  The answer is likely yes!

Claria can provide that support 24/7.

Your patients can learn how to:

  • be proactive on their own behalf by making better decisions about what they can and can’t control,
  • better handle life’s inevitable frustrations, and
  • develop the 10 other skills in this program for improving their mental health.

Claria helps patients learn to manage their feelings, reactions, thoughts, and behaviors through strategically developed skill building hypnosis sessions.

What is the Claria program?


Claria is a strength based, skills oriented hypnosis program that your patients listen to on the mobile app.

The program leads patients through 12 strategically sequenced  hypnosis sessions that help your patients build the skills for better managing their daily life challenges.

Each hypnosis session lasts approximately 15 minutes per day.  There is a progressive sequence for listening to the sessions and the prescribed program lasts  six weeks.

After the first six weeks have been completed, sessions are available to listen to whenever your  patients want to maintain and reinforce their progress.

After a 7-day trial, Claria is billed annually as a 12-month subscription, which allows patients full access to all the sessions throughout the year.


The treatment efficacy literature makes it abundantly clear that the approaches with the greatest treatment success rate teach specific skills.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)  teaches cognitive skills,
  • Interpersonal therapy  (IPT) teaches social skills,
  • Behavioral Activation (BA) therapy teaches life style skills

Based on research and decades of clinical experience, Claria™️ uses hypnosis to teach specific skills from within each of these empirically supported models.

Claria’s strength based approach encourages developing 12 essential skills. These skills can be applied routinely as clients learn to manage the challenges they face in daily living.



Who can benefit from claria™?

  • Mental health concerns everyone and crosses all disciplines. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a general practitioner, a specialist, a mental health or allied health professional, your patient’s mental health affects every aspect of their life.
  • The goal for us at Mindset Health is to expand the use of hypnosis for empowering people to best utilize the relationship between mental and physical health.
  • Active and empowered patients are better equipped to self-regulate and follow your treatment recommendations.
  • If you’re a health care provider, then you have patients that would benefit from claria™.


Claria is not for everyone:

  • Patients diagnosed with any form of psychosis, personality disorders and active suicidal ideation should be carefully screened before recommending claria.
  •  It is important to consider the unique characteristics of a person, not their diagnosis when deciding whether to refer them to claria™.  Please contact us if you have questions about a referral claria@mindsethealth.com
  • For any patient that is on medication or in treatment, it is important that clinicians continue to monitor and manage all treatment and medications and not consider claria™ a substitute for treatment.


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Patients on a Wait List

Patients on a Wait List

If you have a long wait list and want to give your patients an opportunity to be hopeful and proactive while they wait to see you, suggest claria™.

Patients Needing Extra Support

Patients Needing Extra Support

Many patients require additional support. Let claria™ assist your efforts to support your patients.

Patients wanting a natural approach

Patients wanting a natural approach

Many ptients  can’t or don’t want to take anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications.  Claria™ is a good adjunct to the treatment you offer.

Patients between doctor appointments

Patients between doctor appointments

We know that when patients are active and do homework assignments between sessions, they enjoy better results. Let claria™ be the homework you prescribe.

Patients seeking self-help

Patients seeking self-help

When your patient does not require a referral to a mental health professional but could benefit from some psychoeducation and self-help, claria™ can help!

Patient's Relapse Prevention

Patient's Relapse Prevention

When patients have completed treatment and want to maintain the gains they’ve made, claria™ can help!

How to refer to Claria™

Identify a patient you want to refer to Claria™
Patient downloads the Claria™ app directly from App Store or Google Play.
Providing them with the link to click on makes it easy for them.

Once in the patient is in the app, they can choose to add you as their health care provider and start a free 7-day trial.

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Claria™ is there anytime of day

Disclaimer: Claria™️ is a self-management and well-being tool. Claria™️ does not replace treatment by your health care provider.  Do not change your current treatment without consulting your provider.  As is always the case, if you have any thoughts of harming yourself or others, please dial 911 (or local equivalent) or go to the nearest emergency room.