In Dr. Yapko’s Blog #3, he introduces you to the concept of focusing and how your attention determines your quality of experience. It is a basic principle of perception that what your focus on, you amplify. So, rather than focusing on negative feelings and thoughts or things that do not enhance your quality of life,… Read More

In Dr. Yapko’s Blog #2, he provides a simple introduction to the issue of antidepressant medications. He tells us that the use of these medications are second only to cholesterol lowering drugs in the U.S. and are most commonly prescribed by general practitioners, not psychiatrists. Controversy surrounds the use and benefits of these medications and… Read More

In this blog (#1), Michael provides a simple overview of the topic of depression. He explains there are hundreds of issues to address when talking about depression. He begins with this 2-minute simple overview where he highlights the social nature of depression, the limited and often incorrect biological perspective of depression and he emphasizes that… Read More