Keys to Unlocking Depression is not only a good resource for clients, but also a wonderful read… It’s filled with thought-provoking quotes or tidbits of wisdom about life and dealing with depression.”
The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter

“Short, easy to read, yet incredibly useful and practical perspectives about getting over depression. It’s a great book for people who want the essence of what the current clinical and research literature says without getting bogged down in technical jargon or too much detail. Dr. Yapko has written a very helpful book that virtually anyone wanting to better understand and realistically address depression will find beneficial.”
A Grateful Reader, Amazon Review

“There’s no medical jargon here. Dr. Yapko gets right to the point. Actually, he gets right to 50 different points. That sounds like a big number, I know. But each point is presented as a chewable bite …”
Reid Wilson, Ph.D., Amazon Review

“This is one of the few books that I know that is helpful even if you just read the titles of the chapters! In “Keys to Unlocking Depression,” Dr. Yapko provides a series of easy to read chapters that highlight skills and information that are essential to recover from and prevent depression… Dr. Yapko combines practical wisdom, stories and anecdotes, and research in an easy to follow guidebook to resilience. A very useful book for anyone!
Shawn, Amazon Review

“Dr. Yapko has written a book about depression that is brilliantly concrete. Because he understands what the depressed person needs most, he created a format that provides clear and accessible direction to those most at risk of getting lost and discouraged by all of the confusing and overwhelming information about depression. Teens, adults, parents, teachers, therapists, doctors should all have this practical book nearby to read and to share.”
Lynn Lyons, Amazon Review

“Dr. Yapko has given us a concise guide to understanding and using depressed mood that builds on his extensive knowledge and experience helping people find their way out of the bottomless pit that is depression for many people…it provides us with a welcome addition to the tool-set available for depressed people to work on themselves, and that may reduce their dependence on drug therapy. I highly recommend it.
Joseph Dubowski, Amazon Review

“A very useful and succinct handbook which can be read straight through or dipped into. Helpful for people who have a tendency to depression and no idea how to deal with it.” Gloria May, Amazon Review“Short chapters, easy to read, very helpful in understanding depression and how to overcome it.”
Lisa C., Amazon Review

“This is a book to keep at hand both for clients and therapists, a gem of a book.”
Christine Kodama, Amazon Review

“A great practical guide to depression. Written, clearly and with hope. I learned a lot a things about my self that I did not associate with depression. A must read.”
Amazon Customer, Amazon Review