In Dr. Yapko’s Blog #4, some after thoughts about an interview with Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz did a special focus on depression in his radio interview with me, psychologist, Dr. Michael Yapko, and psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Freed.

The interview included looking at genetic contributions, neurological signatures, medical and biological aspects of depression as well as addressing the social aspects that Dr. Oz asked about from my book, Depression is Contagious.

I was appreciative of the open minded perspective of talking about the social contagion since it is not usually the area discussed among physicians. Although I often engage in conversations with people having varying perspectives, I must admit I was stunned when Dr. Oz’s wife,  Lisa,  asked why anyone would want to go for psychotherapy when it is a field that “hasn’t developed since the times of Freud?”

Not only is she wrong, but she is colossally wrong!  And the worst part is, that she continues to propagate the old myths that psychotherapy takes forever as you spend years talking about your mother and toilet training. This myth only results in too many people not seeking treatment that could help them.

Psychotherapy has had monumental changes since Freud including a shift from long term to short term treatment, from focusing on insight to focusing on action and from focusing on problems and pathology to focusing on solutions and strengths. Psychotherapy works and works well, but not all psychotherapies are equally as effective for treating depression.

In future blogs, Dr. Yapko will talk about some of the characteristics that makes good psychotherapy, good psychotherapy!

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview on the Dr. Oz radio show.