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Mindset is a mobile phone app whose express purpose is to make effective hypnosis sessions instantly available at any time of day to people who want to enhance their quality of life. Sessions range in length from 10 to 40 minutes and address common themes such as feelings of depression, anxiety, negative thinking, daily stress, and enhancing  wellness.

Over the past year we have been working with Chris and Alex Naoumidis, two brothers and savvy tech-industry entrepreneurs from Melbourne, Australia, who have developed Mindset Health.  It is currently available on i-phone and i-pad, and will be coming to Android in the future.

Dr. Michael D. Yapko has contributed more than 2 dozen sessions to the Mindset app. Readers of this blog know his  popular programs: Focusing on Feeling Good, Calm Down, Sleeping Soundly, and Managing Pain with Hypnosis. These and more have been added to the Mindset app.

Now more than ever before with the new challenges that each of us faces with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that we learn to manage our behaviors and regulate our thoughts and emotions. The Mindset App can be a valuable resource for that purpose.

Mindset FREE in the month of April.

Mindset is normally a subscription based app, but we are proud to be offering the programs for free in April as  a part of the solution in giving people tools they can use now.  We hope that you will use the app, now and in the future and let others know about it too. We want as many people as possible to experience the benefits of having these hypnosis sessions available to them on the Mindset app.

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Read more about the mindset app here.