It is a human failing to not pay serious attention to a problem until it is in the “critical danger” zone, but you don’t have to go through that type of failing. These web pages provide some key information about depression and equip you with many of the facts and perspectives you need to start to deal with and resolve depression realistically and effectively.

The most powerful antidepressant tool is knowledge.

I hope you will use what you have learned here to get the help you need for yourself or for those you love who may be suffering. Don’t wait. Time is much too valuable a resource to waste.

Overview of Depression and This Website’s Aims

Depression is a complex experience. It isn’t easy to define or describe since each person develops and experiences depression differently. Because depression is so complex, there have been many different theories proposed attempting to explain what depression is and how it comes about. Some of these theories view depression as a biological disease or “medical illness,” some view it as primarily a psychological disorder, and others view it as a social phenomenon, a product of family and cultural influences. Each of these viewpoints has a contribution to make to our understanding depression, but no single viewpoint fully explains depression. It’s like the old tale of the blind men who each touch the elephant in a different place, erroneously concluding they understand the elephant’s physical form. Each man then offers a different description about the elephant’s essential features, yet no one is able to fully grasp the big picture of what defines an elephant from just the part they happened to touch.

Learning about depression is an essential first step in the direction of overcoming it. There is plenty of evidence to show that when people are more knowledgeable about depression, they build better recovery programs and thus are more likely to not only recover but also recover more quickly.

To help educate visitors to this site, key things to know about depression and its successful treatment will be presented and discussed. Additional resources to further educate and help are also provided.

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These website pages address the mood disorder known as major depressive disorder, or major depression, in general terms. It is not a substitute for professional diagnosis and/or treatment by a qualified mental health professional for any individual. It provides visitors to the site with an expert’s informed perspectives in order to help guide a sensible recovery from the burden of depression.