Michael Yapko, Ph. D. 2021 Schedule of Trainings, Workshops and Presentations

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    100-Hour Training in Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy (AUSTRALIAN TIME ZONE)


    This is a multi-phase training and participants must register for the entire training to participate. There is no partial attendance. Once the training begins on March 17, 2021, no new participants may join this course. The 2021 courses (in the USA Time Zone and Australian Time Zones) are now in progress so if you missed it, please consider joining us in 2022 which is being offered only in the USA Time Zone.

    2022 Info & Registration

      This 100-hour clinical hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy course is a comprehensive training for health care professionals only to learn and integrate the skills of clinical hypnosis into their practice.

      Traditionally, we have offered this course as an in-person live event in the beautiful coastal city of Carlsbad, California. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in March, 2020 it prompted us to complete our 2020 100-Hour training online. It proved to be a much better experience than we were expecting and participants were pleased to have completed the training in this way.

      As a result, we have decided to keep the training as an online event for 2021 and 2022 allowing more participants to join who might otherwise have been challenged by having to travel several times to California to complete the training.

      The group cohesiveness becomes an integral part of this training experience as no new participants can join the group once it begins. Michael Yapko's structured approach to teaching, his humor and emphasis on practical and hands-on learning makes this an outstanding professional and personal experience.

      Installment Payments for Registered Participants

      2022 Info & Registration