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The 100-Hour Clinical Hypnosis
and Strategic Psychotherapy Training

In this video Michael describes his signature training and invites you join us for The 100 Hour Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy Training

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This course is intended for health care professionals only as the emphasis is on the clinical applications of working with clients.  Heath care professionals from anywhere in the world are welcome to join us as long as they have an academic degree in a health care discipline and are licensed or credentialed to practice health care legally in the country where they live.

We welcome REPEATERS!
We know that repetition is a key to learning and the group cohesiveness and practice sessions provides a unique opportunity to continue developing your competence and confidence with these skills. We’d be happy to see you again in this training. As a courtesy, repeaters who have taken the course within the past 10 years will receive a US $500 discount from the course fee.


Course Description

The 100-hour online training program is divided into five phases, each progressively building in intensity and complexity as we go along. Michael’s teaching is highly structured and organized.

The course is entirely virtual (online) and takes place over time to allow the natural process of learning to occur with experiential learning in-between phases. There is no substitute for the opportunity to take the skills back to your practice and have your own personal experience with your clients as you begin to integrate the newly learned skills. Then, you can come back to the next phase of the training with relevant questions and experiences.

In every phase, the emphasis is on practicality: What are the practical implications of concepts being taught, and what are the techniques derived from these insights? How can they be incorporated into your sessions?

There will be structured practice sessions in every phase; after all, the primary goal of the entire training is to give you the tools needed to integrate hypnosis skillfully into your clinical practice. There will be didactic presentations on key topics, live and video demonstrations, and ample opportunity for addressing questions and discussing the finer points of presented material.

Dates & Times

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Participants must commit to participating in all five phases of the training. The group cohesiveness becomes an integral part of this training experience. There is no partial attendance as all participants are required to attend all phases of the training. No new participants can join the group once it begins.

Phase 1:  January 24-28, 2024
Phase 2:  February 28-March 3, 2024
Phase 3:  April 3-7, 2024
Phase 4:  April 24-28, 2024
Phase 5:  June 11-15, 2024

We meet from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm each day
in the Pacific Time Zone (San Diego, California)
Please check your local time zone

Virtual (Online) Training

When we first offered this course online it was out of necessity when our training in 2020 was interrupted by COVID. The participants in that course agreed to continue the training online and it surpassed all of our expectations as to the success of the program online. As a result, it gave us the confidence to continue offering this course online.

A significant advantage of this course now being offered online is that participants no longer have to spend the time or money traveling multiple times to California to complete this multi-phase training.

By offering this training online participants can still engage in their everyday lives during non-course hours of the day. You don’t have to ask for a leave from work or close a private practice. The training schedule is in 4-hour segments allowing participants to continue to work with their clients and participate in family events.

Additionally, participants from all over the world can now more easily join us thereby enriching all of us in the process as we meet colleagues from around the world.


Why Take This Training with Us?

Michael is one of the leading experts in the field of clinical hypnosis. He has written the classic textbook in the field called Trancework (now in its 5th edition). Every participant in the course receives a complimentary copy of this textbook.

Michael has won awards for his books and for his professional achievmenets and contributions. He teaches the entire course himself. He has a casual style, a dry humor, a wealth of scientific information as his foundation and humanstically informed perspectives to share.

We have been a team for a long time, both personally and professionally. In this training we combine two different skill sets: Michael’s intellectual, strategic, practical, and humanistic strengths are offered along side the administrative, organizational, technological and compassionate skills that Diane brings to this training. Together, we believe we can offer you a training like no other.

Continuing Education

    Dr. Yapko & Associates is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Dr. Yapko & Associates maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

    This course has been approved by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) for educational course hours towards their certification.

    Participants are responsible for checking their individual state or licensing board/organization to see if they will accept these hours.


    Course Fee

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    We’re sorry you missed participating in our current 2024 course. The course fee was US $3500.  A deposit of US $500 was required to register and secure a spot in the training with an option to pay the remaining balance of US $3000 in 3 installment payments of US $1000 each. 

    We have not yet decided if we’ll be offering another 100-Hour Training in 2025. We’re taking some time off to consider this question.

    If you’d like to participate in a future 100-Hour Course please complete the form near the top of this page to let us know of your interest. 

    Please check our “Events & Registrations” page for current webinars and trainings Michael will be involved in during 2024.