Our 100-Hour Training in 2020 has already begun. Hence, no new participants can join us in 2020. Please join us ONLINE in 2021 Click on the 2 minute vide below as well as the link for More Details and Registration below.


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Michael gives a brief overview of the hypnosis training




Michael answering common Questions about hypnosis training




Brochure ~ a detailed brochure of the 100-Hour training

Brochure ~ a detailed brochure of the 12-Day training

Learning Objectives~ a pdf of the learning objectives for this course

Phase 1: The Foundations of Hypnosis: Concepts and Basic Methods

In this comprehensive beginning level training, you will learn the principles of hypnosis as well as general ways hypnosis can be applied clinically. More specifically, you’ll learn:

            • The “nuts and bolts” of hypnotic suggestion and ways to fit them to your clients’ needs
            • Modern theories of hypnosis
            • The nature of hypnotic phenomena
            • Contextual considerations in applying hypnosis
            • Common myths about hypnosis affecting its use
            • The social psychology of hypnosis
            • Clinical versus research findings
            • The range of suggestion structures and styles
            • Methods of induction
            • More… you’ll learn enough hypnosis in just this first week to start using it in your practice.

Phase 2: Applying Hypnosis in Psychotherapy:Developing a Goal-Orientation

In this intensive intermediate level training, the foundational skills acquired in the first week and subsequently practiced will be guided in the direction of evolving artistry in performing hypnosis in psychotherapy. The ability to use hypnosis to build client receptivity to new ideas and possibilities in order to begin to transform his or her experience in some meaningful way is an essential step in any treatment process. In this second week, you will learn:

            • Interviewing strategies for uncovering the symptom formation process
            • Subjective patterns of self-organization and treatment responses
            • Key patterns of self-regulation
            • Sequencing stages of therapeutic interaction
            • Building client receptivity
            • Thinking strategically about treatment
            • Creating and offering goal-oriented hypnosis sessions
            • The use of therapeutic metaphor
            • More…

Phase 3: Expanding Clinical Approaches: Developing Deeper Clinical Focus

In the third and final week of the program, the skill level will move to an advanced one of designing and delivering hypnotic interventions across a wide variety of client problems. In this third week you will learn about:

        • Treating depression, the most common mood disorder
        • Hypnosis and pain management
        • The use of indirection in treatment
        • Hypnosis and habit modification
        • The interface between hypnosis and homework assignments
        • Hypnosis and managing anxiety
        • Designing and delivering therapeutic metaphors in hypnosis
        • Seeding of growth-oriented changes even after formal treatment ends
        • More… By the time this final week ends, you’ll have evolved into a knowledgeable and experienced hypnosis practitioner!

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